This comedy chess video clip could have been tailor-made to send a message to Peter Pinnochio Punt!

Stuart Margolin`s  classic “jail-house notation” description of a chess position describe`s Peter`s plight down to a tee.  “You got nothing left but punks and junkies, you`re through Peter!”

Last week Peter made a dramatic and theatrical call for the Kincora scandal to be included in any future “over-arching UK wide inquiry.” Sadly, his call for justice seems to be more about the present internal wranglings within the DUP than it is to do with getting justice for the victims and getting to the truth about what went on.


Apparently someone is running to the local MSM whores trying to make life difficult for Peter and “his former party.”  lol lol lol lol


Let`s take a more serious look at the facts for a moment. It must be remembered that Peter Pinnochio Punt was the MP for East Belfast for 21 years. He had 21 years and the most prominent stage in the UK to highlight the Kincora Scandal, yet he did nothing except make a mere public statement calling for meaningless  inquiry.

None of the prominent political representatives of any community have ever wanted Kincora investigated because they are too frightened of where it is going to lead. That includes ALL the “Unionist” parties and ALL the “Republican” parties. Not only did Peter have the opportunity and the perfect location to highlight Kincora, he was in the perfect position to be a direct source of receiving information relating the what had went on around the Kincora scenario.


Make no mistake about it, “Unionist” MP`s are provided with all sorts of information that the general public are never privy to. They receive information from the media, the security forces, their party members, members of the public with info to share, they even receive information from their closest of friends and family.

You can rest assured Peter knows a lot more about Kincora than the general public do. For example, if Peter is genuine, all he has to do is tell the public did a man call Campbell ever have the role of “secretary” in a local DUP branch?  It may have been the Queen`s University branch or the North Belfast branch? Peter is the man to confirm it one way or the other?



I do believe Peter made mention in his statement of the late Willie Mullan.  A story was published about 2 weeks ago which tried to imply Mullan`s death may have been linked to Kincora.  I was expecting an outcry from Christians throughout N.Ireland vehemently denying Willie Mullan had any link to Kincora. Instead there was silence!

There was not even a statement from PopeLundy or ANY of his family that Mullan could NEVER have been linked to Kincora!



This is very strange because many Christians still listen to Willie Mullan`s preaching and many older Christians like to relate tales of attending his many popular meetings.  Now Peter has implied he heard rumours about Willie Mullan?   Just what is going on, you have to ask yourself?

If you have any discernment whatsoever, you may be able to detect that a few key pieces of the Kincora jigsaw could well have been slotted into place in the last few weeks?


Also, if I am not greatly mistaken, there are quite a few individuals in the DUP and the Pink Presbyterian denomination who could  still shed great light on the activities of William McGrath, especially if they felt under some kind of pressure.

McGrath and his gullible cronies may have thought they were going to be manufactured into “modern day Lord Carson`s,” instead the fools were mere cannon fodder for the cynical, ruthless and sophisticated Vatican controlled “British” intelligence services.

You need REAL Power to silence the MSM.

You need REAL Power to silence the MSM.

You don`t think I nicknamed the DUP as “The Kincora Old Boys Association” for a mere joke did you?

It is time the whole population of N.Ireland faced up to the truth. The “British” intelligence agencies control ALL the “terrorist organisations” on both sides of the community and they have done so for decades!

In the words of MI5 stooge William McGrath……………”there are wheels within wheels.”

It now looks like Peter is out of the loop, all he is left with “is punks and junkies.”

Ezekiel 1:16 and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

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