After being publicly exposed as being a collection of perverts and pervert enablers, the WESTMONSTER Cess-pit immediately tried to carry out a cover-up and a white wash right in full public view.



These people have no shame and they lack one ounce of common decency.
If they had a shred of honour every one of the 650 MPs would immediately resign and allow new elections in order to have the whole house of Westmonster filled with fresh faces.

Any individual appointed by the whoremasters and pimps at Westmonster are unacceptable. They will only appoint stooges who they know can be trusted to carry out a cover-up and a white-wash.

The only acceptable inquiries with any chance of getting anywhere near the truth will have to be carried out by ordinary UK citizens chosen at random from the electoral registers.

After all, if the Westmonster perverts deem the ordinary citizens good enough to sit on jury service, then they must be deemed good enough to carry out any public inquiry that needs instigated..

The whole upper echelons of the UK cannot trusted, the judges, the top police officers, top “Churchmen” etc, etc are all highly suspect. It must be all those public schools they are sent to as children which causes it. Seems like the public schools are breeding grounds for every shade of deviant.

The Westmonster stooge at the top of the page has already been exposed as a fraud on numerous websites.

2 Tim 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

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