According to Exaro, the crooks and the spooks have had a “fall out.”  It is always a good thing for the Unionists of N.Ireland when the crooks and the spooks fall out.

If you cast your mind back in history, as a result of one of their last “fall outs” we ended up with ” Unionist Unity” and the UWC strike!!!

If I was an “Ardoyne resident” I would be preparing myself for an “Orange parade” up the Crumlin Road on the 12th night.  I would not be surprised if the Chief Constable is instructed to over-rule the Parades Commission decision.

When the crooks and the spooks fall out strange things start to happen!

The little spat between the crooks and spooks could possibly explain the sudden interest of the UK MSM in all the paedo scandal stories?

Make no mistake, the UK MSM have known about all these stories for years and were willing to cover them up. Then in the course of ONE week end every MSM source in the UK started doing stories about pervert MPs and cover ups at Westminster on their front pages. ALL OF THEM EXCEPT STEPHEN NOLAN THAT IS!

The VBC have “suddenly” found archive video where an influential MP openly admits covering up child abuse! “SENIOR WHIP WOULD HELP COLLEAGUES”

Hopefully the fall out between these characters will be vicious, ruthless, bloody, and long-lasting and will lead to the “British” establishment being well and truly “Internally house cleaned.”
Here is another video clip from the 1974 UWC strike.

Ecc 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

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