Edwardian house at heart of a long-simmering sex scandal

Sadly the so-called “Unionist political leaders” have missed ANOTHER golden opportunity to take the “moral high ground” and seize the center-point of UK politics!!

If only Willie McCrea MP of the Kincora Old Boys Association had gone to the Westminster Parliament and named Leon Brittan as ONE of the men at the focus of the Elm Guest House scandal, Unionism would now be enjoying the goodwill of a large percentage of the UK public, plus they would have enjoyed high-standing in the public eye for some time.

I think Willie McCrea and the rest of the Kincora Old Boys will regret this lost opportunity until their dying day!

Did you know one of the Kincora Old Boys sponsored the motion in Parliament eulogising Clockwork Jimmy Saville?



Jim Shannon MP sponsored it and Nigel Dodds MP backed it.  At the minute these men and their colleagues are formulating a “GRADUATED RESPONSE” to give a focus and a voice to the “Unionist” communities many grievances.

Somehow I cannot see these men producing any type of effective “GRADUATED RESPONSE” unless someone or MANY PEOPLE put a gun to their heads!!!!!!!!!

Unionist leaders are just like Saul when he departed from God`s word, spineless, weak and growing weaker every day!

2 Samuel 3:1 and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker.

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