Lyra McKee has launched a financial initiative,  which she hopes will help fund her in order to help her complete a book about the last weeks of the life of the late Robert Bradford MP.

It is an absolute disgrace that it has been left up to a young woman to try to get to the bottom of Bradford`s murder.
Why have none of the “Unionist” political parties not made any effort to bring the killers to justice? Why have they not funded any attempt to get to the truth?


You can be sure no “British” government of any political hue will look into the matter.

What do you think he was prying into which led to his death, if anything?
Here are some clues, see if you can guess the right one?
1 He was prying into Kincora?
2 He was prying into Kincora and William McGrath?
3 He was prying into Kinocra, William McGrath and shipments of “pornography?”

The role played by William McGrath in de-stabilising “Unionism” is  greatly underestimated by the general public. Just because he was not an elected representative and publicly well-known helps people to misunderstand what went on.

Sometimes “shadowy figures” can exert a lot more influence than legitimate elected public officials. Especially if they have the backing of MI5, or are a willing stooge of MI5.

How was McGrath  able to tell Chris Moore prior to his death, ……….. “That Unionist politicians would make decisions and take the Ulster Unionist people down roads which would have been hitherto unthinkable.”

When one thinks of David Lundy Trimble’s political turnabout and PopeLundy`s turnabout, one has to suspect that McGrath definitely had a crystal ball supplied to him by someone who was pulling the strings of ALL the puppets !

Any individual or any political grouping which had links with McGrath ought to be regarded as extremely suspect.

Proverbs 6:27  Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?

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