Like they used to say in Blue Peter, “Here is one I made earlier.”  On the 26/6/2013 to be exact.

It does not seem so far-fetched now does it?

£7 m scandal – the secret tapes.

UTV Report.

VBC Report

Lundyletter Report

Belfast Bellylaugh Report

MSM in the North and South are now catching up with William Locke. He has been exposing this type of stuff for years plus he has been informing all sorts of politicians. So they cannot say they were not warned!

William Locke Facebook Page

William Locke Facebook Page


If you want to make some easy money I can show you how! I have a great idea for a movie and I am giving it away for free!

All you have to do is take it down to the Movie Studio on the Queen`s Road and I am sure they will give you  big money for it. Or if you want, you could take it to London and see Kenneth Branagh, he will buy it from you I am sure.
Just remember, it is all fictitious.
Here is the Proto trailer for the new blockbuster! At the moment I am calling it “The Therapist”

Once upon a time there was a country called Northern Korealand.  The flag of  N. Korealand is shown below.

Northern Korealand

Northern Korealand

The political Prime Minster of  N.K was called Robin Ignatius Peterson, his nickname was RIP, he had a wife called  Siri Peterson. They looked vaguely like these 2 characters below.


Over a period of time Robin consorted with various political accomplices, media whores and sinister spooks to create a political work of malign genius. They developed a Totalitarian state but managed to convince the citizens they actually lived in a modern democracy where you had free elections!  It became a wonder of the world and all the world leaders flocked to N.K to find out the secret of how do the same thing in their own countries.

The political elite who formed up around Robin used the latest scientific and security methods to control the population.  They realised of course, there would always be opposition springing up now and again but they always stayed 10 steps ahead of any upstarts.

When street opposition arose Robin and his crew covertly installed handpicked stooges as the opposition leaders.  This made sure the leadership led the opposition up the garden path with time-wasting stunts and phoney rallies.   Sure enough any street opposition never lasted very long before burning itself out and leaving a mass of disillusioned former activists in it’s wake. The type of “controlled opposition” techniques used is illustrated in this video below. It has been used for centuries but most populations never catch on!

As time went on and the population became dumbed down by the controlled MSM, it became increasingly easier to manipulate any opposition out of existence.  All that had to be done was accuse opposition activists of “Attacking the peace!”  This usually confused and bewildered most discontents. Any hardcore dissidents which remained were berated by Robin’s political establishment, the controlled MSM and the Police with the mind numbing cliché, “Do you want to go back to the bad old days???”

One of the key ingredients necessary for  Robin taking political control of N.K was a stunning masterpiece of deception. He and Siri carefully cultivated the public image of being “Born Again” Christians!! With an emphasis of  walking in the footsteps of the historic Protestant defenders of  a bygone age. It worked a treat!

Behind the public facade Robin and Siri were both serial adulterers and  greedy money grabbing schemers, however this mattered little as long as the general public never found out. One of there most lucrative rackets was “Property Development.”  This eventually led Robin into the “Dream Team” political relationship with the leader of another political party who was also “a terrorist”, he went by the name of James McBondness. Like most “terrorists” James McBondness was also an MI5 agent.

None of this bothered Robin, he now had the ability to blow up any buildings he wanted removed, then when the building was removed his cronies could move in and develope the newly cleared piece of land. Robin had mysteriously invented the technique of buying valuable pieces of land for a mere £5, people around the world were astounded at Robin`s uncanny business acumen!!

Life seemed good for Robin and Siri, until Siri started to behave in increasingly bizarre fashion.  Most people suspected the very unusual behaviour being exhibited by Siri Peterson was merely the result of advancing age. In actual fact she was suffering from “Punch drunkeness” due to the number of beatings she had suffered at the hands of Robin over the course of their long “marriage.”  Things became critical when Siri wanted a divorce, this could not be allowed it would destroy the carefully built up public image and may even start enough people thinking which could in turn have political ramifications.

Robin took advice from his former political mentor, a very cunning man called Lord Lundyside. He looked strikingly like the character in this video below.

He came up the solution which pleased both Robin and Siri.   She would be allowed to enter politics in a very public fashion and seek out political office. The beauty of this plan meant they would have to spend very little time together and the public would not think it suspicious. This ploy worked beautifully until Siri started doing live radio interviews!!!

Siri had dreamed up a cunning plan to give herself a caring public personna.  She somehow managed to come into contact with an  influential psychiatrist. She called him, “My lovely psychiatrist friend.”  The  psychiatrist was called Dr Sydney Ulrich Ewan, his father had given him these names so he could nickname him SUE. His father was also a psychiatrist who thought it would be an interesting experiment to find out what would happen to males who were given female names and females who were given male names. No one ever found out why he wanted to do such an experiment.

The reason Dr Ewan or SUE was useful to Siri was the fact he made the public claims he could turn “Gay” people straight!  She thought this would be seen as an act of great charity and kindness so she brought SUE to work alongside her in her “political advice center.”

Dr Ewan looked a lot like the guy in the picture below.

Paul Miller01Within a short space of time Dr Ewan was surreptiously exercising a great deal of influence over Siri`s political thinking and personal life. He used his influence to design the new Northern Korealand flag, a green, white  and gold Union Jack. Plus he also brought into existence a new National Anthem!  He classified this as “Psychadelic Patriotism.”  Naturally it was Siri who took the public credit for all these great modernising acheivements.  You can hear the National Anthem below.

One day, when life never seemed better for the Peterson family, self destruction suddenly loomed large from nowhere. For reasons best known to herself and which have never been explained Siri Peterson forced herself onto a radio discussion programme. The programme happened to be the most listened to show in the country and it was hosted by Slim Jim Bolan who was a secret pervert who took photographs of children in public toilets in his spare time!!!

For some reason Siri started ranting and raving about Sodomites and how abominable they were. Then she went on to tell everyone about her “Lovely Psychiatrist friend” who had this marvellous talent for turning “Gay people” straight.   To be honest Dr Sydney Ulrich Ewan would have preferred to live without all the publicity. He liked to keep a low profile in these matters, he liked to recruit his clientele from  a select class of people.

The programme provoked a whole pile of publicity for Siri which pleased her no end. However it also provoked the attention of foreign journalists who were sceptical about the type of “Therapy” which Dr Ewan was engaging in.  One journalist actually went to the trouble of  “going undercover” to investigate the now heavily publicised  “Therapist.”

The journalist slightly resembled the guy in the picture below.


Soon ominous rumous reached the ears of Robin and his cronies about revelations unearthed by the foreign journalist.  As  you may have guessed by now, many of the professional classes who live in Northern Korealand have a very dark and sinister side to their nature.  It turned out that Dr Ewan was having many “Gay” males referred to him who desired to be turned “straight.”  However he was found out to be using the situation to sexually abuse those who were sent to him!

It also turned out Siri had been discovered to have been conducting an adulterous relationship with a teenage drug-dealer.

Robin and his cronies went into an immediate emergency crisis meeting once they established the veracity of these highly damaging rumours.  The main focus of the emergency meeting was, “How can we stop these details becoming public knowledge?”

Robin`s cronies really feared their lucrative lifestyles could be ruined if  all was revealed, they knew it would take a masterstroke of Michavellian duplicity to save the day. The situation became critical when they heard the week-end papers were going to publish everything.  What could they do?

Suddenly one of the political advisors came up with the idea of inventing a legal gagging order to silence the press and broadcast media!  They decided to call it a DUPER INJUNCTION.  Robin was sceptical about the idea when it was presented to him but as there was a no better solution on the horizon he decided to give it a try.   Robin and his whole political crew faced a very anxious weekend,  they took it in shifts to monitor all the world`s news outlets to see if any damaging revelations appeared anywhere in the globe.  No reports appeared.

Robin felt great relief when the weekend was over and no adverse publicity appeared but he knew he still had to face a few stressful weeks in case some news source somewhere in the world published all the ruinous details.  As the days passed and no scandal emerged Robin started to consider how he could make lots of money with the invention of the DUPER INJUNCTION.  If all went well and he played his cards right he could make Northern Korealand the DUPER INJUNCTION capital of the world.   Duper Injunctions issued in N.K could silence the press everywhere, questionable people with lots to hide, would be willing to pay big money to have their scandals covered up and Robin would willingly help them for a “reasonable commission.”

It was decided as a safety measure Siri Peterson should be packed off to a luxury Mental Institution for a short while, just in case any details leaked out and any criminal investigation agencies from any other countries wanted to question her about anything.  It was also decided Dr Ewan should be ostracised immediately and publicly shunned. Robin instructed every member of his political party to say they had never heard of him or met him in any way.

Soon the whole affair blew over and a few years later most people never thought about it or mentioned it.  Dr Ewan was deeply hurt and humiliated by the whole affair. He regretted getting involved with the Peterson`s and the bad publicity they brought his way.  Dr Ewan was a man who much preferred to keep a low public profile and a very anonymous mode of conduct.  He took great delight in the fact he knew he would get his revenge on the Peterson`s for all the bother they had caused him, all he had to do was wait.

About three years after all these events took place members of Robin`s political party started falling ill with a mysterious illness. Some members started committing suicide or tried to commit suicide.  It was all a bit of a puzzle, what was going on?  A local journalist discovered a startling fact about Northern Korealand, it was similar to this.

Suddenly a very popular Roman Catholic priest committed suicide. It turned out the priest had Aids.  It also turned out Dr Ewan had contracted Aids from the priest, Dr Ewan was in fact, an Aids carrier.  He had been infecting all those who came into contact with him with Aids for years. It also turned out he had infected Robin`s son, son in law and numerous members of his party.  This was the Therapist`s twisted form of revenge and it could not be covered up by a Duper Injunction.

Proverbs 1:26

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  1. Caroline Ballance · June 27, 2013

    the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons ,isent that what the scriptures say ,

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