Have been meaning to write about this a few times but it is developing at such a pace it is hard to know where to start.  One thing about it really stands out, that is the reluctance of most UK MSM sources to go anywhere near the story, it seems to scare the life out of almost all of them.

So far the Elm Guest house has links to the KGB, Mi5, the Conservative party, the Labour party, it seems to cover the whole spectrum of UK political low-life.  No doubt it only a matter of time until a few big names in the UK MSM whoredom industry are implicated in the Elm Guest House web of intrigue, after all, there are plenty of pervert journalists!


Plus, it  looks like the UK`s most famous pervert is about to be exposed. The only thing that surprises me about Cliff Richard is the fact he never joined the DUP!!  He would have been at home there!!!

If you have any sense you will be keeping a close eye on the Elm Guest House story, it is also know on Twitter as #fernbridge.

If you are really shrewd you will be insisting you MP is making sure the matter is fully investigated. The MP for my area is probably hiding under the bed hoping the matter goes away quickly lest some of his party colleagues are exposed.  It looks like the Daily Mail has located a real, fully functioning, former “rent boy.”   God only knows where this is all going to end up??

Here is a link to the Exaro Facebook page they have been instrumental in breaking the story.  Further revelations about the Elm Guest House story are expected later tonight.

Watch out for a sudden spate of suicides involving very famous people.

Here is the UK`s most famous pervert.

Just guess who`s  “political adviser” is involved in the Elm Guest House scandal?  Sean O`Callaghan, just happened to be a political adviser to arch Lundy David Trimble.  Looks like Trimble enjoyed surrounding himself with perverts. Like him for instance.


Paints the whole GFA fiasco in a very different light now does it not?
Numbers 32:23 But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.


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  3. zoompad · May 20, 2013

    Why didn’t they ever try to put things right? Why did they keep on persecuting their victims? They wanted us Pindown victims to commit suicide, they tried to drive us into taking our own lives, its been absolutly horrible. We went to so many places for help but ended up being betrayed over and over and over again, the paedophiles have even infiltrated councelling and they abuse us even more! I kept praying to Jesus PLEASE HELP ME JESUS, but I feel like a right mess, because the stress made me eat like a pig and I ended up nearly 16 stone, and then people look down on you even more, and think you are a greedy lazy fat pig, when you’re hurting and stinging inside, and your heart is broken into pieces.

  4. zoompad · May 20, 2013

    All I wanted was an apology but they wouldn’t give me that small thing, they didnt want me to have a life, they wanted me dead, they kept on and on and on persecuting me, they’ve done the same to all the other Pindown child abuse victims, to shut us all up, well it didnt work did it, we’re still here!

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