IT IS OBVIOUS WHAT IS NEEDED; A “PUL” THINK TANK! updated as there are now videos of Pastor Begbie

Looks like there is turmoil within the PUL community. (For overseas readers, PUL stands for Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist)

All sorts of arguments are put forth on every Facebook page and every internet forum about what should happen now.  It is obvious what should happen now, the finest minds in the PUL community should be encouraged to form a “Think Tank” to map out an ingenius strategy for the way forward.

We need Pastor Begby, Red Hand Luke, Uncle Andy, Big Mervyn and Willie Donaldson to get together to save us.

Just in case you are wondering who Willie Donaldson is, he is the shadowy figure who controls the sinister Pink Hand Defenders. He is a sort of cross between Willie McCrea and Jeffrey Donaldson.

Here is the way forward. THE PUL THINK TANK.

Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of Pastor Begby.  I will give you his motto text instead.

James 5:16  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

We have now videos of Pastor Begbie.

Not many people know this, It was the prayers of Pastor Begby which saved Glasgow Rangers from extinction, if he can work spiritual wonders for Glasgow Rangers he can do the same for the Union Fleg.











I see Tesco are selling a new brand of petrol.   It is called  Lundy Lite Plus and you get 3 Alliance offices out of it per gallon.

LundyLlite PlusValue for money

LundyLlite Plus
Value for money

Tomorrow they are bringing out LundyLite Super Duper  where you can get 5 Dupper offices per gallon.

LundyLite Super Duper

LundyLite Super Duper

James 5:16  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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