Hysterical over reaction to the latest developments related to peado rings in the UK is a sure sign some very important people are very frightened and are taking desperate measures to stem the flow of information flooding into the public domain.

David Mellor
disgraced fantasist pervert

A disgraced pervert fantasist called David Mellor had the audacity to call the abuse victim Steve Messham a “weirdo.”  Just Google “David Mellor Prostitute” and you will find out enough about him to decide who is the real “wierdo.”  How low life like Mellor can end up regularly on the MSM is a mystery.  However, he does have a vested interest in descrediting any talk of paedo rings connected with the Thatcher era as he was once a member of a conservative government.

Hysteria went into severe overkill when the Daily Mail published an article setting out to completely demolish any credibility the abuse victim prominent in last week`s controversy may have.  This also has the knock on effect of casting doubts on the credibility any abuse victim who may now come forward.

As it turns out, there is now a high degree of suspicion about anything the authorities and MSM do and the Daily Mail piece has backfired. A large number of people are presently looking into the two characters/ entities who wrote the article and coming up with all sorts of damaging allegation against them, who ever they are.  It sort of sheds a bad light on every MSM whore.  No doubt there is quite a few big shot MSM whores who are heavily into paedo activity and they have a vested interest of stemming the rising tide.

Desperate claims have been made blaming the internet for present ongoing controversies. Frantic demands have made that the internet must be brought under some sort of  regulation lol

The people who are frightened most about the internet know full well that the truth about the UK paedo rings can be found there, if people know where to look.

Watch this for instance, nowhere in MSM will you get the information that  allegedly John Wittingdale MP is the half brother of  convicted paedo Charles Napier, however you get it from Twitter!  Charles Napier.


What must be really turning the fear factor up to maximum, is the expectation a “seismic” story will be appearing about the involvement of former Tory government ministers in a sex abuse scandal!

Psalm 12;8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

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